Cohabitation Agreements Solicitors Edinburgh, Caithness and the Highlands

The law in relation to cohabitants has changed over the past few years to allow more rights but the rights and obligations are still very different to those of married couples. If you are considering moving in with your partner, it is important to take legal advice. There are many issues to consider including but not limited to property ownership, matters relating to children, inheritance and tax planning;. There are also certain time limits in the legislation affecting cohabitants. We can offer clear, practical and confidential advice to clients who are considering cohabiting or who are exiting such a relationship. We can assist you in entering into an agreement with your partner or ex-partner regulating the claims that you might have against one another. We will give you realistic advice on your rights. BBM’s family law team has experience of assisting cohabiting couples at all stages in their relationship. We are often asked to provide advice at the outset and draft agreements and we can litigate where that is required in order to achieve the best outcome.

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