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Employment contracts are legally binding agreements. If an employee or employer fails to uphold a term of the agreement, they will be in breach of contract and may be liable for damages.

Some examples of an employer’s breach of contract are as follows:

  • If the employer varies the terms and conditions of employment without agreement from the employee;
  • If the employer fails to pay an employees’ wages, bonuses, holiday pay, expenses or sick pay;
  • If the employer dismisses an employee without notice; or,
  • If the employer fails to give an employee the opportunity to obtain redress for a grievance.

An employee can also breach their contract of employment, some examples of which are as follows:

  • If the employee is not reasonably competent to perform the job;
  • If the employee is not willing to adapt to a new work method or move to a different work location that is within reasonable distance to where they live;
  • If the employee is dishonest;
  • If the employee breaches a restrictive covenant by working for a competitor while they are employed or setting up a competing business, even after their employment has ended.

Disputes between employers and employees are most commonly caused by an alleged breach of contract by one of the parties. If you feel that an employment contract term has been broken, our expert team of employment law solicitors can help you find a solution, whether through an informal process or more formal measures, such as making a claim to an employment tribunal or a court. Contact us to see how we can help.

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Employment law is a specialist area that affects everyone’s working life. It is therefore important that the terms governing an employment relationship and employment status are clearly understood.

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