Complaints Policy

At BBM we exist solely for the benefit of our clients. We succeed when we make our clients happy – And we do that by building a close relationship; by managing their legal risks and resolving their legal headaches.

Our Attitude to Complaints

It may sound a strange thing to say, but BBM value the complaints we receive. When a complaint is made to us it enables us to learn from experience, endeavour to improve the experience of future clients and other parties to have contact with us, and lastly attempt to bring some satisfaction to the complainant.

Scope of this Policy

This policy sets out how BBM endeavour to deal with complaints made against them, whether they are raised by a client or a third party. Copies of this policy are available for clients and third parties on request.

Informal Complaints

Most complaints are dealt with effectively on an informal basis. Clients are encouraged to raise any concern or queries about the service they are receiving with the director responsible for their work. If you are not a client of the firm your complaint should be addressed in writing to the Client Relations Director, Eric M. Baijal (or if the complaint is about that director, to Jennifer Simpson) as described below. The director responsible for a client’s work is specifically designated in the terms of engagement that will have been sent to the client by BBM at the beginning of the transaction or relevant matter, or at the commencement of the client relationship.

Client Relations Director

If clients are not satisfied, having raised their complaint or queries with the director responsible (or if a third party who is not a client wishes to make a complaint), they may make a complaint in writing to our designated client relations director, Eric M. Baijal. If the complaint is about Eric or work that he is responsible for, complaints should instead be addressed in writing to Jennifer Simpson.

Complaint Handling Process

We aim to acknowledge receipt of complaints within ten working days of our receipt of them.  We also aim to let the complainant know within ten working days of receipt of the complaint whether we require any further information in order that we can fully investigate the issues raised.

Providing we have all necessary details from the complainant in order that we can investigate the complaint, we aim to write to the complainant within twenty working days of receipt of the complaint, advising either how we intend to resolve matters or inviting the party complaining to a  meeting to discuss how matters may be resolved.

If further information is requested from the complainant, we aim to write offering a meeting or outlining how we propose the complaint should be resolved, within twenty working days of the requested information being received.

Should a meeting take place, we will aim to write to the complainant within five working days of that meeting, indicating how we propose the complaint should be resolved.

Third Party Complaints

If a third party who is not a BBM client makes a complaint it may be that we are restricted by client confidentiality so that we cannot provide a full response to the complaint. We will however, endeavour to operate (wherever possible, and as appropriate subject to receiving instructions from any client affected) within the timescales set out above.

Unresolved Complaints

If the complainant is not satisfied with how we propose to resolve the complaint, they may raise their complaint with the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission, The Stamp Office, 10-14 Waterloo Place, Edinburgh, EH1 3EG (Tel: 0131 528 5111) Complainants should note there are strict time limits on complaints being made to the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission (“SLCC”). The SLCC require complaints to be made within three years of the service being provided ending or the conduct occurring that is being complained about. However, the SLCC will disregard any time it considers that the complainant was excusably unaware of their concerns. The SLCC can provide further details.


We are more than happy to try and answer any queries clients have about our complaints handling procedure.

The vast majority of complainants deal with complaints in a courteous and respectful manner.  Unfortunately, a minority behave in an unacceptable way.  Complainants may also wish to refer to our policy on unacceptable actions by service users during the complaint handling process (available on request).