Franchise Agreements Solicitors

With all the costs associated with a new business venture it is always tempting to cut corners but in the case of essential legal documents it is a course of action that is never recommended.

However tempted you are to consider buying a one-size-fits-all franchise agreement from an online vendor we would urge you to think again before committing.

At BBM we cannot stress strongly enough the importance of due diligence in relation to the franchise that you are considering buying.

Your research should include a comprehensive business history and current financial records for the franchisor, background info on your franchise including details of those who own the resell rights, trademarks and so on. You will also want to know what you are getting for your fee in terms of ongoing support from your parent company, particularly as it pertains to stock, marketing and staff training.

BBM will provide you with a detailed reports on your franchise agreements and sound advice on issues such as your ideal business location, your franchise’s internal policies and your rights as a franchisee. Not only is our advice cost-effective it is essential for your piece of mind.

We will work with you to ensure that not only is everything promised in the franchisor’s literature is documented in the franchise agreement but also that it is delivered to you.

The key is always the successful drafting of the Franchise Agreement that regulates the rights and responsibilities of all parties. We can prepare relevant confidentiality and financial agreements.  We can also assist with the acquisition of property, commercial loans and ongoing related property factoring issues.

Your agreement will also be checked to ensure it fully complies with Scottish Law – this is an essential compliance check.

At an earlier stage our professional network which includes accountancy and financial advisor expertise can also evaluate your franchise opportunity, help secure funding and ascertain whether or not you are making a sound investment.

Franchise Agreements Solicitors in Edinburgh, Wick and Aberdeen

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