Business Disputes

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Commercial disputes can be costly, time-consuming and stressful – especially when they impact upon your ability to make money as a business or threaten to undermine your reputation.

Unchecked minor disputes often escalate, damaging relationships and creating major problems that are obviously much harder to resolve.

At BBM our advice is always to look to pre-empt a problem rather than be forced to deal with a breakdown situation.

Clear, written contracts with your own staff, your customers and those you work with can minimise the risk of disputes because everyone knows their rights, responsibilities and roles in relation to your business.

In terms of cost, stress and consequences informal confidential negotiation is always preferable to a formal dispute resolution process. Both are infinitely preferable to a costly, time-consuming and public court case.

While a proactive approach to relationships can go a long way to avoiding unnecessary disputes, it can only go so far. There will be times when disputes arise that you cannot resolve without help and these will be disputes where what is at stake could prove especially crucial to you and your business.

Equally though, there is always a calculation to be made between pursuing ‘a matter of principle’ right off the edge of a cliff and excepting the limitations of your situation with a practical decision based on cost, stress, time and the best available outcomes in the circumstances.

Our team can help you resolve your dispute so that you make the most of what is available to you in law without putting yourself in a position where you sustain further unnecessary losses.

For example, the long-term view of a dispute could acknowledge the fact that maintaining a working relationship with another party and also minimising your costs and disruption are worthwhile goals.

At BBM, our advice will always consider both practical negotiating issues, such as the strength of your argument, and what both you and the other side are ultimately hoping to achieve. Only then can we decide on a strategy together.

As in all cases, litigation in court should be a last resort. Legal disputes can be expensive, particularly once they reach court. They also have inherent risks.

If you have a complex dispute to resolve you may want to consider legal insurance to cover your legal expenses as part of your strategic approach to managing disputes. This is also something we can advise you on if it is appropriate to your circumstances.

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