What’s in it for the clients?

It’s that time of year again where we are preparing to head off to the International Bar Association Conference. This year it is in Seoul, South Korea. The commercial benefits for BBM are fairly obvious. Very few Scottish lawyers attend the IBA. There can be around five thousand lawyers from other jurisdictions present. Each one of them is a potential referrer of work to BBM and we are also able to build up our network and potential client base.

What though, is in it for our clients? Firstly, our clients benefit because through our international and cross border exposure (particularly in litigation, restructuring and corporate matters) we have a superb network of referral partners across the continents. That means we can usually help Scottish clients find the right adviser to assist them, when their business takes them abroad. Our attendance at events like IBA, and the work that flows from it, helps us to get to know advisers personally so that when our client looks for referrals, very often we have spent time with the foreign adviser being referred to; and may have worked with them ourselves. We also get the benefit of hearing more of, and getting to know, exactly how business and legal advice and regulation works in different jurisdictions, and we can therefore add value to BBM’s clients. Perhaps most importantly as we travel we get a feel for different business cultures in different jurisdictions.

If your business is thinking about expanding abroad, or finds itself dealing with cross border issues, we would be delighted to speak to you on a no obligation basis about how we can assist you. Whilst BBM deal with a lot of inbound referral work, we also help Scottish companies move outward and realise their goals abroad.

Eric Baijal, Head of Insolvency, Restructuring and Litigation, Managing Director