Newbuild and NHBC Disputes

The National House-Building Council (NHBC) is an independent professional body that maintains a register of Newbuild construction companies.

Before being incorporated into the NHBC register, a builder must be able to show that they are technically capable and financially solvent, and agree to abide by the NHBC Rules and Standards which are in place to safeguard the integrity of builders’ workmanship. The NHBC technicians examine homes at the design stage and carry out inspections at key stages of construction.

The NHBC also runs the Buildmark scheme which indemnifies homes built by NHBC registered builders for ten years once the NHBC has certified them as finished. The Buildmark scheme safeguards a client’s money if the builder goes into insolvency after missives have been concluded but before the property is completed. The Buildmark scheme also covers defects which arise because the builder has not conformed with the NHBC Rules and Standards.

Under the first two years of the Buildmark scheme, the builder is responsible for putting right any defects – known as snagging. Up until 10 years, damage to a home resulting from building defects is covered by an insurance policy.

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