BBM Solicitors’ Update from the 2019 IBA Annual Conference – Seoul, South Korea

BLOG bbm solicitors update from the 2019 iba annual conference seoul south korea 1 Readers of this blog know that I am in Seoul, South Korea for the IBA Annual Conference. This blog explains why we think our clients (Scottish and International) benefit from BBM attending such events.

As well as technical learning and discussion around litigation and restructuring issues, the IBA Conference also gives an opportunity to observe what has worked well in another economy.

South Korea was, according to what delegates have been told this week, a struggling economy until a few decades ago. How then has Seoul developed and become ‘the miracle on the River Han’ with ‘K-Food, K-Pop and K-Fashion’?

The Conference Chair, The Honourable Justice Song, Sang-Hyun, former president of the International Criminal Court, indicated that the transformation was marked by ‘vitality, drive, and  dynamism.’

The UK and Scottish economies could learn from the energy we see in the South East Asian corporate environment.  The restlessness and energy to develop here is obvious. There is no acceptance that things must stay the same. There is also drive and discipline to accomplish that change. These are lessons we can learn from in Scotland.

No longer do the Asian markets look to Europe for an example- the Korean press were carrying stories this week of the diminishing influence of the G7 countries in the world markets.

BBM have a growing international practice , advising Scottish business doing work abroad, and foreign clients with Scottish legal issues.

BLOG bbm solicitors update from the 2019 iba annual conference seoul south korea 2